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Still Cruisin' Corvettes can provide you with a subject mater expert that can serve as your advisor when you need the right information. Whether you want to estimate anticipated appreciation for investment purposes or ascertain the legal value of your property, Still Cruisin' Corvettes has the personnel that know the answer. The world of Corvettes is an active marketplace that is complicated by the thousands of possible combinations of transmissions, engines, rear ends and options that Chevy built over the 40+ year history of the 'Vette.

Everyone knows that "four-on-the-floor" is the way to go, and a 4-speed is more valuable than a three speed, right? What about the 3-speed Saginaw that was standard on the '69? With that being the last model year for 3-speed manuals as the standard transmission and only 232 of them built, how many are still around? Or to put it another way, how rare (and consequently hard to find) is it? The Still Cruisin' 1969 expert can tell you. If you buy one, can you still get all the parts to rebuild it, if necessary? And where would you go to find those parts? Your Still Cruisin Corvettes consultant can answer these and dozens of other technical questions.

So when you're looking for that font of knowledge, that man in the know, contact the friendly folks at Still Cruisin' Corvettes.

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