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Still Crusin' Corvettes is owned and operated by Fredi and Chuck Berge. Both have many years of experience in the field of vintage Corvettes. If you've traveled the restoration and show circuit, you've probably run into them both in the United States and overseas. They've been associated with both judging and being judged, and Still Cruisin' s Corvettes consistently stand out as the example to follow.

Chuck is the senior technical expert and manages the nuts and bolts aspect of Still Cruisin's operation. Fredi is the business wizard and manages the administrative and logistics end of the operation. Together they give you the quality service that you need to be on the leading edge in the vintage Corvette arena.

Additionally, Chuck has access to a number of specialists that can compliment his considerable wealth of knowledge, so there's never a question you can ask that the Still Cruisin' people can't answer. They're friendly folks, so give them a call or drop them a line when you're ready to do anything significant with Corvettes.


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