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Legal Testimony is another specialty of Still Cruisin' Corvettes. Did you pay for a prize-winning restoration only to find out that the only prize was for the people who collected the cash for doing your restoration project? For a fee, Still Crusin' Corvettes will provide professional expert testimony regarding the industry, standards, and values of your prized possessions. Still Cruisin' Corvettes has the knowledge and knows the details.

If you are involved in a legal suit where an attorney or the court is trying to determine the value of a Corvette, seek professionals to assist in determining realistic values. In most court cases it is good to have a professional appraisal already on hand, but you should not leave determining the value of a Corvette to the court or an attorney.

If you need to know a value or other Corvette information for legal purposes, contact Still Cruisin' Corvettes.


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